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Hello Carmelites, Staffs, and Parents!

Warm Wishes from K. E. Carmel School, Orgram.

Hope you all are doing well and taking care to stay healthy and fit.

I believe that education is one of the most significant components of our lives. Education empowers young minds to conceive good thoughts and ideas, and enables them to take life decisions. A person has to face various challenges and take mature decisions to succeed in life. Education enables us to fight with failure and prosper in life.

I feel honoured to have the opportunity to lead the school and work with the staff and guide the students to make mature decisions and face the challenges of life courageously. I hold a strong belief in the power of education to change children’s lives and the right of every child to receive the best education where they are challenged with exacting and exciting experiences that channel their energy into learning.

K. E. Carmel School, Orgram offers an academically enriching environment where students discover a lifelong passion for learning, as well as the confidence to achieve excellence in creative, social, cultural, sporting, and community endeavours. The school believes in fostering each individual’s potentialities providing opportunities for successful learning and growth.

To fully educate a person, we are committed to cultivating lifelong learners and balanced, service- oriented citizens, who will be prepared to contribute positively in a globally competitive world. We set high expectations for our young buds and work hard to safeguard positive emotions in society. We are partners in learning with our students and seek to deepen their knowledge, provide enriching and innovative learning experiences while also gently urging our students out of their comfort zone to attempt new challenges.

We plan our curricular and co-curricular activities such as to make the students confident, independent, and versatile by bringing out their innate qualities to discover, participate and perform in various life situations.

Regular PTA meets and parent-teacher interaction strengthens the learning process. Workshops and seminars are organized for students and their parents to empower them.

The school is dedicated to preparing conscientious and responsible citizens with a sense of integrity and honesty with a spirit of adventure, exploration, research, and creation. We support the individual wellbeing of our students and provide a school environment that allows every student to thrive as they work towards achieving their personal best performance.

We look forward to welcoming you and your family to our school, and developing a close partnership so that our children will love to learn and grow in life.

Fr. Ajin C Jose CMI

K. E. Carmel School, Orgram, Guskara

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